“What Would You Do FIRST If You Were To Lose EVERYTHING You Have Tomorrow, Belinda?”

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This was the question that was asked of me from a woman 58 years of age, distraught and in tears, who had just found out her pension has been wiped out through mismanagement.

WOW What a shock… this question and situation made me realise I personally could be back to living in Barbados and enjoying a great income within a year with the knowledge I had, even if I had NO MONEY to start again.

KNOWLEDGE was everything.

From that moment I just KNEW it was time for me to share everything I’d learnt over the last 15 years of building a multi-million pound property empire from a complete standing start – as a broke, single mum on Housing Assistance with a County Court Judgement.

There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t feel blessed for the lifestyle that Property has given me.

I have the freedom to spend my days doing whatever I want, with whoever I want, whenever I want. I can travel anywhere the desire takes me, try new hobbies (salsa dancing is high on my list this year), spend my winters in the sun and treat my friends and family whenever I want to too.

I also know this is possible for others if they gain the knowledge and put the work in.

I Have Financial Freedom – For Me, This Means CHOICES!

Freedom has always been the most important value to me, and I find it is at the top of the list of values for the majority women I’ve met throughout my life.

Freedom is even more important to me than money… but the question above which was asked of me instantly made it clear that it was also my duty to help other women (and their partners) to experience this level of freedom, too.

As I sat there with my friends looking out across the ocean and formulating my answer, I realised that I could get back to the same position of wealth, time and freedom very quickly.

In fact, I could comfortably do it in a year or less – simply because of what I know, and the way I think.

And that’s why I made the conscious decision to give up a little of my own freedom in order to help women like YOU create freedom for yourself, just like I have.

And that’s why I made the conscious decision to give up a little of my own freedom in order to help women like YOU create freedom for yourself, too!

After just 12 months of working with Belinda, we’re creating profits between £100-300K per year!


I honestly don’t know any other wealth mentor that is able to provide that level of detailed tailoring to what the client needs


Belinda is me, she’s just one of us and I totally trust her!


I don’t mentor for the money – my property business gives me all the money I need. I mentor because it’s important to me to leave a legacy.


My property business is the legacy I will leave to my family – I know they’ll always be fine financially because of the assets I have put in place.  Also they are putting their own assets in place as they have been taught by me to create their own Financial Freedom.

My property business is also the legacy I will leave to the people in my local community who find themselves in a similar situation to the one I found myself in, as a broke single mum on Housing Assistance.

But I also wanted to ensure that other women didn’t have to go through what I had to go through back then too, without any hope for the future

teaching2Being judged because I was struggling financially, having the phone constantly put down on me because of the stereotype I fit into at the time as a single mum on benefits, two children and no money… and only ever being shown around houses that were dark, damp and depressing.

My property business makes sure that women like me (back then) now have access to quality homes to raise their children in, and that means a lot to me.

My property business also enables me to contribute to the causes I believe in the most, too.

I regularly help charities to become sustainable through property and I donate time and money to help the causes I believe in. In fact, studies show that this is a common trait with women – once we have our own financial needs met, and once we have the freedom to do so – women IMMEDIATELY start looking around for ways they can give back and contribute in a positive way to the world around us.

teaching3FINANCIALLY FREE women make the world a better place… and that’s why I’m so passionate about mentoring and getting my message in front of as many women as possible!

These are not just my thoughts on the matter… the Dalai Lama also said that it was the western woman who would save the world… interesting… that includes YOU.

I know that if I can help other women to escape the paradigm of constant financial struggle and a lack of free time that most people live their whole lives in, and if I can help them create financial freedom – they will look for ways to give back and make the world a better place too!

Teaching4As a mother and grandmother, there’s nothing that makes me happier than the thought that for every woman I mentor to freedom through property, the brighter the future will be for my daughters and my grandsons and on down the line. They’ll too have the freedom they need to make their difference instead of spending all of their time on the hamster wheel of ‘trading time for money’.

With that said, thank you so much for taking the time to visit.

I’m excited for your journey towards time and financial freedom.

Live the life you love,

Click Below to Hear What Some of My Coaching Clients Are Saying...


Click Below to Hear What Some of My Coaching Clients Are Saying...

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Click Below to Hear What Some of My Coaching Clients Are Saying...


Click Below to Hear What Some of My Coaching Clients Are Saying...



Belinda’s Property Journey

Belinda Grashion is a self made Property Millionaire who helps women (and their men) to create a consistent cash flow from property or lump sums of life changing money in order to help them enjoy the time, money and freedom they need to spend their days in more meaningful ways.

She knows that, once they are free to do so, women are proven to be most likely to ‘give back’ and contribute to the causes they believe in and that’s why she is on a personal mission to liberate as many women as possible  from the time for money trap.

Belinda FamilyBelinda started her own property journey while she and her 2 young daughters were on Housing Benefits (government assisted living) struggling to make ends meet.  

Her dream at that point was to earn an additional £50 a month!

She had just left a 19 year marriage (as well as her home and her friends circle) but from those humble beginnings, she grew a portfolio of rental properties that gives her a multiple 6 figure annual income along with a portfolio worth millions of pounds.

To date she has personally bought, sold, or refurbished over 400 properties. She has developed building sites in the UK, South Africa and Barbados, bought land and built properties – her first site being 22 houses.

It’s important to note that Belinda is STILL USING THE STRATEGIES SHE TEACHES.  These aren’t strategies that worked 15 years ago but are now out of date. They are more relevant than ever and are proven to work in today’s market.

For that reason, Belinda is one of the most ‘qualified’ property mentors you are likely to meet.

She lives and breathes these strategies every day.

Belinda is also becoming known for her unique ‘take’ on property which puts PEOPLE (not profits) first.  This is something Belinda believes women do very naturally which is why she believes women have the potential to be incredibly successful in this arena.

Getting more women involved in property is a real WIN-WIN in Belinda’s eyes.
The Property Industry needs more LOVE and women are able to deliver that in abundance!
Women need more FREEDOM, time and wealth to spend their days in more meaningful ways and property can deliver that very quickly!

Now she teaches her advanced strategies in a series of programmes. These range from online programs to once in a lifetime retreats.

Below is Belinda Grashion’s own property journey so far.

It is important to note while reading this information that today, Belinda is able to help you create wealth through property with virtually no cash and using her strategies to create time money and most of all freedom to do what you want when you want with who you want ….. Bliss!

Belinda's Property Journey In Her Own Words...

“My First Buy to Let”

buy to letI started my journey with a Buy to Let property. I had saved and saved in order to scrape my deposit together and it was a very scary moment!  On reflection I did not really know what I was doing back then, but I was determined to start on this path and learn as I went along.

I made my first mistakes with this first property, buying in the wrong location and for the wrong kind of person. Lesson one learnt.  Never to be made again – and I now have solid systems in place for selecting the right “Goldmine Area”, Property and Tenants!

However, I always like to look on the positive side, and I made £200 per month from that very first property which made me feel like I had won the jackpot!  My first goal had been to earn an extra £50 a month so I’d got a huge result straight out of the gates!

Best of all – that money came in every single month without me needing to do anything… that’s when I first saw the potential in rental property. I am still receiving an income from that property and it has tripled in value.

“Multiple Buy to Lets”

multiple buy to letsAfter around 9 months of many restless nights caused by the stress of taking such a huge leap all by myself without the support of a mentor (one of the big reasons I’m so passionate about supporting people through their property journeys today!) I eventually started buying two ‘Buy to Lets’ at a time, then three, and then four.

My portfolio was growing, along with my confidence, expertise and knowledge.

By the time I had got to 13 Buy to Lets, I packed my day job as a Massage Therapist in and dedicated myself full time to my new property business. I had replaced my income and again, best of all, it came in every single month. I got quicker and it got easier I was in full swing and went on to bring my daughters into the business.  I could not have been happier running a family business with my girls.

“Options” (signing a contract on a property without owning)

scrollBecause I started my business with limited funds, it became clear that I would need to be very creative if I wanted to grow my business further so I started signing properties up on options.

These options allowed me to refurbish a property and then sell it for large profits.

Sometimes I would rent the properties long term whilst acquiring planning and then I would either sell or build.

Either way, I always made a great profit.

I soon realised that I could control multiple properties, land and industrial units, without the need for large deposits or ownership.

This strategy has earned me hundreds of thousands of pounds.

In one deal alone, I made £175,000 profit, and this is a strategy that I continue to use, and teach my students.

“Multi Property Trading or Buying and Selling”

Each year that passed I continued to learn more and more about property, and was now using many advanced strategies.  Buying and selling at the right time with the right property became my forte. I also had built up a bank of investors who were buying my stock sometimes even before I secured it as these were high yielding deals.

Every November I would take my eldest daughter shopping, not for shoes and handbags – we went shopping for houses!

Sometimes we’d acquire 8 properties at a time to refurbish over the holidays.

We would then sell in late February for large lump sums of cash profits.

“Commercial to Residential”

As much as I loved working on individual properties, I wanted to grow and play bigger… and take my property journey to the next level.

Opportunities are everywhere and sometimes the government hands us gold dust on a plate – developing Commercial to Residential is just one example of this.

I loved the opportunity to play big, to grow… and the challenges it brought me along with the sense of satisfaction and pride I felt throughout the projects I would undertake. It also encouraged my investors to grow with me, too.

As it was so close to the office, I couldn’t resist visiting to see how the work was progressing. My first of many Commercial to Residential Developments were in prime locations in town centres and we bought them at bargain prices because others did not know what to do with them… I knew this was going to be the first of many Commercial to Residential properties I would invest in. This one investment alone made me a very healthy profit!

“Property Pension Pot”

terraced housing 3I started in property to gain a monthly rental income but a big concern I had being in my forties at the time was that I had NO pension, NO security, NO cash cushion for the future and at the time not enough money or should I say NO money in a pension.

It was always very important for me to make sure that I kept adding to my Property Pension Pot; so that I had security in later life and the income to enjoy doing things with my family.

I found that what worked best for me was three bed semi-detached houses that I could rent to families who would want to get their children in local schools. I had a special place in my heart for helping these people and I knew they would stay tenants for years.

Every time I would obtain a new property I would hand it over to the Letting’s Agency, thus creating a Passive Income – well nearly passive as I always kept an eye on my investments!

I have a multiple six figure income coming in (mostly) passively from rentals today.

Well chosen ‘Buy to Lets’ will give you a long term cash income and capital appreciation.

This is a strategy that I teach to my students…. it’s a must if you want to add property to your pension.

“Housing in Multiple Occupation” (HMO)

A HMO is a shared house with many bedrooms, which generates large rental income every month.  HMO’s can be an investors dream, if set up correctly.

I would buy large houses and set them up as licensed HMOs, thus generating large amounts of cash each month and creating value in the property.

HMO’s are part of my portfolio for instant cash generation whilst the Buy to Lets create cash and capital.

HMO’s are one of the techniques that we use very effectively to start generating quick cash to turbo charge your income.  Have bought and set up dozens and dozens of HMO’s and created large cash profits from selling them on to investors who were looking for high yielding properties.

“Land Planning & Development in South Africa On An Option”

EntranceWith my love of travel, I would stay in South Africa for 6 months at a time each year. So it was only natural I would do something over there. I was able to identify an area that I was able to take land through the planning process for 44 apartments in Cape Town, we named it Belgray Square as Belgray is a play on the words Belinda Gray as in Grashion and square because it was a square piece of land.  Again using advanced strategies I did not buy this and but acquitted it on an option to purchase once planning was gained.

This process gave me insights to land, planning and development in another country.

“Sub Dividing”

I found a passion with sub dividing, whether that is for turning a full house into four, six apartments or a whole industrial unit into five smaller units.

I found the smaller parts were worth more than the whole.

This is a very quick strategy to build up your pot of cash or to sell some of the properties on and keep the others mortgage free.

“My Own Developments”

Being the person I am I did not start with building one house when I launched my own developments I bought the land, got planning and started with 22.

I then started acquiring land, progressing through planning and eventually houses building out.

One of my pride and joys is local to me and the apartments blocks are named after my grandsons, Bailey and Lucus.

It was a moment of family celebration when we bought the land. To be honest I did not sleep for a week before the contracts were signed, as this stretched me both emotionally and financially and took me on a new learning curve.

But as you get to know me, you will know, I like stretching myself and this process was my natural next step.

“Letting Agency – A family business”

My daughters have helped me every step of the way. It was inevitable that they would want to do their own thing as they grew in the property business, so they decided to open a Lettings Agency of their own and take on my properties.

They now look after hundreds of properties in our local area and do a great job for me and other landlords as they know the business inside out. They are investors themselves after becoming property owners at the age of 18. They also own a small portfolio of their own.

We are now training my eldest grandson (age 16) on HMOs so he will be an expert on that very soon. He is looking to acquire his own home at the moment…. well he was hardly going to wait, coming from a family of property investors!

My team and I are passionate about helping others create an income from property so you can design a life you truly enjoy living.

What's Belinda Up To Now?

As well as sharing my knowledge and facilitating training, I also can’t help invest in more and more properties.

I’m currently working on a commercial to residential projects. I am converting a large office space to beautiful apartments. I currently have 70 on the go! 

I am also in the process of buying a piece of land in sunny Barbados to build small affordable houses. Watch this space…

If property is your passion, or you would like to create the wealth, time and freedom to spend your days in more meaningful ways…

Check out the programs we offer here to help you start your own property journey. 

Would you like to know exactly how to make money from property to secure great income and your financial future? Don’t think you can do property?  Think again, if I can do it with my background so can you and I can help.

Do you want to earn more and work less? If so we would love to help and get you the results you want and need.

Our clients are earning £000’s every month, quitting the rat race jobs they have, knowing they are at last making their financial future more secure and happy. This could be you!

Don’t hesitate get in touch…

Live The Life You Love,