Distant Dream


arrIts so good to be back in the UK! (Especially if the weather stays like this!) Im over for a jam-packed month of visiting loved ones, seeing friends and of course mentoring my wonderful clients and hopefully meeting many more at my event in London, before returning home to Barbados! Phew

During my flight, I started to thinking about this weeks blog. And I quickly came to the conclusion that if theres one thing that most entrepreneurs have in common, its that someone at some point has told them that their idea was no good or they should have done something a different way, or they were not capable or not to think too highly of themselves. Does that sound familiar to you?

I remember when I first started on my journey and was looking for properties in certain areas. Suddenly, everyone around me had an opinion. Dont get me wrong, I value people wanting to share their thoughts with me, but I wasnt going totake their word for it and sway my decision without doing my own research. I wanted my own evidence- fact – not storytelling. And guess what I made lots of lucrative deals in those areas they told me not to invest in.  In fact 15 years on I still have those properties and they are still rented out and have tripled in value. ☺

dream-realityBut there is another thing we as entrepreneurs have in common our creativity and desire to do more! YES MORE! I bet my bottom dollar that no matter what youve already achieved in your life you want to do more!! You might have a dream thats on the back burner and youre unsure of how and when to make this dream a reality.

Ive decided to write this blog today to tell you its time to go out and make it happen! 

You may have followed one dream but dont know when youll have the time to follow the next. You may have been told that your dream will never amount to anything. You may have been told that it wont work. You may have been told that its out of your reach.

Well Im here to tell you it doesnt have to be this way. If I would have listened to the people who told me not to buy properties in the area I did, or that I was not capable, my life and my childrens and grandchildrens life would be very different.  I created not one property deal but a legacy..and I may not have started my journey. And more importantly I many not have become the person I am today.

I genuinely believe, everyone has been put on this earth for a purpose. What if your purpose was to fulfil your dream and you didnt try? You are the only one who can make your dream into a reality so what are you waiting for?  Don’t take your dreams to the grave, or even worse regret not even trying.

Go and take one action step today and every day towards making your dream a reality.

Leave a comment below, i’d love to hear what step you are going to make today!

We are all wanting to fulfil our dreams… do not wait any longer to fulfil yours…

Live the Life you Love

belinda grashion



  1. Marcus (Max) Lewis

    My dearly beloved Belinda x,
    How very inspiring your words are to me! =)
    Thank you!!! x
    I, too, am making some much needed (and long overdue!!) changes to improve my life and that of my Son’s (not that he’s fully aware of my plans to create a “legacy” for him – he just thinks I’m batty! LOL).
    Anyway, I want to thank you very much for your words of inspiration, and look forward to hopefully meeting you in person on the 20th June (fingers crossed!!).
    Much love,
    Max x

    • Jen

      Hi Max,
      Jen here from Team BG! Thank you so much for the lovely message. Belinda is delivering training for the next 5 days (busy busy!) but I’ll be sure to pass on your message 🙂
      See you on the 20th!!
      Jen x

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