A massive hello to you all!

Oh I have missed you! I must apologise for the break in my posts! I’m now back, ready and raring to go! I’m super excited to share useful wealth strategies, tips and hints with you and also guide you towards the financial freedom you desire.

Thailand-Islands-2So, as I’ve been away a while, I wanted to make this blog extra special. I’ve been jotting ideas down on pretty much anything I can get my hands on, hoping the inspiration would grab me and not let go. However, by the time I stepped on the plane to head home it still hadn’t got hold of me. Then by the time Rachel, the friendly flight attendant served my in-flight meal (which, in my opinion, has dramatically improved) it hit me!! I was on my way to the sanctuary I have created, to the place I love, to the place I call home, to the place called Barbados. I gazed out of the window and could see nothing for miles but white, fluffy clouds which, believe me, were looking much comfier than the seat I was sat in! They shielded my view of the ocean that lay below but I imagined the deep blue Atlantic housing hundreds, if not thousands of sea creatures ranging in colours, shapes and sizes. It made me think… I was going to touch down in a different continent, with a very different culture and certainly different weather to the UK.

Stedentrip-Rome-The-Eternal-City-in-ItalySo my question to you is… if you could touch down anywhere in the world, where would it be? You can only choose one place so choose wisely. Would it be a once in a lifetime trip to explore the hundreds of natural, tranquil, picturesque islands that contradict mainland Thailand? Or would you chose the hustle and bustle of a cultural and historic city such as Rome?

Now think about what’s stopping you? Why can’t you pack a bag, lock up the house and drive to the airport to head to your dream destination? What’s stopping this being a fantasy and becoming real life… YOUR life?

I work with people every day to help them reach their idea of financial freedom… what does it mean to YOU?
To me, financial freedom means having more TIME to spend with my family, travelling and doing things that inspire me every day and of course having the money to enjoy those things to the fullest. Something that we all deserve to have and enjoy.
Please feel free to share your idea of financial freedom on the Facebook page. I’d love to hear from you and share your vision.

Live the life you love



  1. Rachel Sutton

    Welcome back Belinda!!!
    If I could hop on a plane and go anywhere in the world I would fly to the UK to attend your talk.
    Please come to SA and share your knowledge with the SA women 🙂

  2. Bianca

    Fantastic Belinda! I look forward to reading your Blog. Will start thinking about questions – I have loads, but have to decide which one 🙂
    Love hearing that you ‘did’ it and that I can too – my circumstances are similar so that is probably why I identify.

  3. Louise

    My idea of financial freedom is to have choices, to choose to work, to choose where to spend my holiday, to choose how I would like to help other financially. Belinda, please come to South Africa and do a seminar here! I can’t afford to go to the UK but would have loved to attend!

  4. Hilary Jackson

    HI Belinda, I have just found you and I am in the same place where you started off on your journey. I can identify with you too. I am making a plan to come to your seminar, I would love to meet you. In the meantime, I am following you with great interest.
    Thank you so much.


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