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We’ll Personally Help You Get Started On Your Journey To Financial Freedom Faster, Safer and More Profitably Than You Ever Thought Possible

1 To 1 Mentoring

Hi There! My name is Belinda Grashion…

And I’ve had the privilege of growing a highly PROFITABLE property portfolio for 20+ years, while traveling the world and living my bigger life. It hasn’t always been like this for me though… When I started my property journey, I was a newly single mum with two daughters… no money… no credit… and a CCJ hanging over my head. Living in a small town in the North of England, I dreamed of creating a bigger life for my two daughters, but I didn’t know how or where to start.

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When you dream of creating your bigger life…

… it feels wonderful and inspiring, doesn’t it?

But… ever notice that crippling feeling that usually sneaks into your mind right afterwards?

It almost always appears when you start thinking about HOW you’re going to get there.

Because the reality is, you’re already stretched in lots of different directions.

And the thought of closing the gap between where you are right now, and where you want to be, can seem… well… almost impossible.

I Know That Feeling All Too Well…

When I decided to use property to create a better life for myself and my two daughters, I had no clue where to start. It was painful to even THINK about setting up my first property deal, because I had no knowledge or experience whatsoever.

I remember telling myself…

“If I could get someone who knows what they’re doing to just help me set up my first deal, then I could go on and do the rest myself. I just wanted someone to give me a little push to get started. Sadly, at the time I didn’t have any way of accessing that kind of personal help, and looking back it would have made a huge difference to my first year in property.

In fact, I have NO doubt that with someone’s expert help and guidance, I would have easily become financially free much sooner. But this is about you and your journey.

Which is why I’ve set up the following opportunity for you to…

Have One Of Our Expert Property Investors With 25+ Years of Experience Take You By The Hand And Assist You Through The Entire Deal

You see, getting started in property is a little bit like launching a shuttle into outer space.

You need a powerful rocket to launch the shuttle off the ground… but once it’s broken free of the earth’s atmosphere, the shuttle can then go on its journey of exploring space by itself.

It can be the same in property — or any other business venture, really — because sometimes you just need that initial “push” to get you going, and get your first deal up and running. Then once you’ve got the confidence and momentum of having that first deal under your belt, you can go on to keep setting up more deals and building on your success.

That’s how I achieved financial freedom. I just kept setting up more and more deals. And each time it got easier and easier.

So if you dream of creating your bigger life… faster… safer… and more efficiently than you can possibly imagine.

Then why not leverage the power of private coaching and specific, expert guidance to get your property deal set up now.


The Personal Property Mentor Experience

Imagine having a property expert in your corner to help you:

1…Find your property
2…View the property
3…Set up the deal
4…Make sure you’re safe
5…Maximise your profits every step of the deal

During this intimate experience, we’ll train you on our exact process for setting up a property deal, from start to finish…
PLUS, you’ll have personal access to one of our property experts to hold your hand and keep you on the right track every step of the way.

Here’s How It Works:

1. Training & Preparation

First, you’ll be given access to our proprietary training to go through in your own time and familiarise yourself with the process.


You’ll go through the training to get all the information you need for each step of the process, and to make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running.

2. Property Action Clinic Calls

As well as having access to the step by step training, each week you’ll also be able to take part in our Property Action Clinic calls and get all your questions answered by our property experts.

During these calls you can ask any, and as many, questions as you like… we’re here to keep you moving forwards fast.

3. Monthly 4-Part Case Studies

Each week you’ll be sent an update showcasing our property deals.

These case studies will also give you lots of ideas and motivation for setting up deals in your local area… and you’ll also get to see how we’re using the latest insider tips and strategies so you can stay ahead of the curve.

4. Access To Your Personal Property Mentor

Now this is where the rubber really hits the road.

When you’re ready to get started on finding your first property, we’ll set you up with direct access to your personal property mentor who will help you with every step of your deal.

They’ll come out to your area and assist you in finding your property, viewing the property and securing the property!

Remember, your personal property mentor will have 25+ years experience in property and they will just be a call away at all times – anything you need, just pick up the phone.

With this high level of support you’re going to be in the safest possible hands… while being held accountable to the commitments you make to yourself.


Imagine Yourself ONE Year From Today…

  • Having multiple income streams flowing into your bank every month
  • Never stressing about money
  • Jet-setting around the world with your family and friends
  • Having more than enough money to cover your children’s education
  • Having the resources to give back and help others
  • Standing on your own two feet and feeling in control of your future

And ultimately… feeling happier, and more free than ever before.

Living Your Bigger Life


Bernedette Doyle


Faye Tipton


Faye Tipton

Are You Ready To Get Started Now?

If you can’t wait any longer, and you absolutely must get your first property deal off the ground now… then this opportunity is definitely for you.

We’ll take you from a complete standing start… to finding your property… to having the keys in your hand in the fastest time possible.

Personally, I don’t know of a better way to start your journey to financial freedom… and as I mentioned earlier this is the exact experience I was yearning for back when I was starting out.
But since we have a very limited number of spaces in this opportunity, we have a very strict criteria to ensure it’s a good fit.

Who We Can Accept…

This kind of up-close personal attention won’t be a fit for everyone, so before applying please make sure the following statements accurately describe you.


• You have an investor’s mindset, and you’re willing to invest more into yourself to achieve faster results

• You’re open to being coached in doing things a very specific way, and you agree to follow the exact instructions of your personal property mentor

• You understand that your personal property mentor isn’t going to do this for you — you’ll still need to do the work, but you’ll be guided closely by your mentor every step of the way

• You’re passionate about creating fast results, and you’re willing to take lots of action and go the extra mile when needed


If you think we’re a match, based on the statements above, then please click the button below to fill out a quick form and we’ll be in touch to speak with you and talk about the opportunity further.

Happy Clients

Written Testimonials

“Working with Belinda and her team has given me the confidence to do property deals. We’ve been looking to do property for years but did not know where or how to start and were scared of losing any money. We have now done 3 deals that have earned us over £80,000!”


Happy Clients

Written Testimonials

“If you want to learn about property this is the single best place you can come to learn about property! We’ve learnt so many different strategies, methods, how to partner with people, how to raise finance, how to source properties in a creative fashion and get deals that aren’t available elsewhere else. The speed in which you can generate wealth and be successful is amazing.”


“Oh my gosh! The support has been absolutely phenomenal. This is like one big family. You think you’re buying into a mentorship but you’re actually buying into the most incredibly knowledgeable people who are kind, caring and with you every step of the way”


Don’t Miss Out On This Exclusive Opportunity

Due to the high level of personal attention involved in this opportunity, our personal property mentors are available on an extremely limited basis.

So depending on demand, you may have to join a short waiting list after applying today.

My best advice, if this opportunity sounds like the right option for you, is to not wait and put this off and grab it with both hands now while it’s still available.

Just click the button below now, and let us know some brief details about yourself and we’ll schedule a call to speak with you further.

We’re looking forward to working with you on setting up your first deal!

1 To 1 Mentoring

Live a Bigger Life