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How To Use Property To Create Financial Freedom & Live a Bigger Life On YOUR Terms

Invest Like a Pro

Hi There! My name is Belinda Grashion…

And I’ve had the privilege of growing a highly PROFITABLE property portfolio for 20+ years, while traveling the world and living my bigger life.
It hasn’t always been like this for me though…
When I started my property journey, I was a newly single mum with two daughters…
no money…
no credit…
and a CCJ hanging over my head.
Living in a small town in the North of England, I dreamed of creating a bigger life for my two daughters, but I didn’t know how or where to start.

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Here’s The Thing I Want You To Understand About My Success… I’m NOT Special

When I made an absolute decision to stand on my own two feet, I had zero knowledge of property and lots of excuses holding me back.
Then one day I saw an advert for a property workshop in the newspaper… and well… here we are today.
I learned to put my excuses to one side, and just repeated ONE strategy over and over again until I reached financial freedom.
If I can do it, then so can you.
Because this is about you and YOUR journey.

Is This You?

  • You feel stuck in your current life pattern, weighed down by a lack of time and money 


  • You’re frustrated because you KNOW you’re meant for something BIG and you’re not willing to settle for less 


  • You desire to create wealth but you’re not sure where to get started and your knowledge of investing in property is very limited 


  • You don’t have a “big pile” of money to invest in property, but you realise that these days this is not needed, and having the right knowledge is much more powerful and you can leverage the money of others 


  • You want the kind of freedom that comes from money no longer being an issue and having the resources to live life on your terms 


  • You’re tired of having to worry about money, or wonder how you’re going to pay for your children’s education 


  • You want more choice of where you’re going to live and how you’re going to spend your time 


  • You’d love the freedom to live out your TRUE passions and enjoy a bigger life, no matter what you’ve been told in the past by others around you 


  • You realise that creating a bigger life for yourself not only helps others around you to rise up, but you actively want to help give back to others 


  • You’re done with watching a free property training webinar here and reading a free report there, and you’re ready to commit to getting results by getting the help of an expert mentor 


  • Overall… you want to learn how to stand on your own two feet and become the BEST version of you!


If you’re saying “yes” to most of the above… then the ‘Invest Like A Pro’ program is just for you.

The Two BIGGEST Barriers Holding You Back…

It’s no secret that most people trying to build wealth eventually give up, and stay stuck. I’m not going to pretend it’s easy, and that everyone can do it. But if you understand the TWO main barriers to wealth, you’ll already be starting way ahead of 90% of everyone else.
Barrier #1: You have no idea where to start!
Sounds obvious, but there’s a TONNE of mis-guided advice online these days.
The sad fact is, many property “gurus” are really only making money from what they’re teaching.
The truth is, there are pitfalls and traps in all forms of investing…
And you are listening to advice from people down the pub or in the salon. If you’re learning from someone with limited experience, you’ll likely fall head first in them (just like I did many times when I was starting out!)
These days, if I want to improve any area of my life I’ll ONLY learn from mentors who have a proven track record backed up by credible results.
Barrier #2: Having The “Wrong” Mindset
Even with the best property knowledge, having a “poor person’s mindset” will hold you back from getting the success you want.
Ever wonder why 70% of lottery winners quickly end up broke?
From an early age, most of us are “programmed” with limiting beliefs and negative attitudes towards
growing wealth.

The Results Of This Bad Programming Are:

  • Fear of failure, which paralyses most people causes them to not take any risks
  • Wanting to become rich is seen as selfish, so people will self-consciously sabotage themselves to stay in line with this belief
  • Self-doubt causes many people not to believe in themselves and stay firmly locked in their comfort zones
  • Fear of success causes many people to self-sabotage and hold themselves back from doing great things.

I could go on and on, but the point is that the common beliefs installed in most of us by society are extremely damaging to our ability to become wealthy.

How do I know this?

Because when I started learning about property I was exactly the same.

And when I learned this simple fact, I used to do all sorts of things to root out the self-limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

This may sound funny, but I used to sit in expensive restaurants order a coffee and just enjoy the ambiance and start feeling more comfortable around wealth!

Once You Shift Through The Fear And Self-Doubt And Implement A Proven Approach To Creating Wealth… Your Success Becomes Inevitable

  1. The exact knowledge and strategies you need to become a successful property investor, no matter where you’re starting from
2. Proven strategies and exercises to develop your wealth-building mindset and strip away the old programming that’s holding you back
3. A shared learning experience where you’ll connect with other women and their partners all on the same journey

Imagine Yourself ONE Year From Today…

  • Having multiple income streams flowing into your bank every month
  • Never stressing about money
  • Jet-setting around the world with your family and friends
  • Having more than enough money to cover your children’s education
  • Having the resources to give back and help others
  • Standing on your own two feet and feeling in control of your future

And ultimately… feeling happier, and more free than ever before.

Living Your Bigger Life


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Faye Tipton


Faye Tipton

Here’s A Closer Look At The ‘Invest Like A Pro’ Online Program

The ‘ILAP’ program is our signature program, and has been continually improved on the back of our success with our previous clients.
It’s a 16 week in-depth program, taught online by our team of property experts with 50+ years experience collectively.
Here’s a quick glance at what’s included…
  • Learn the exact Property strategies for YOUR goals and what is working in the market – we understand everyone’s goals are different, and there are various ways of using property to achieve these goals
  • Learn how to become profitable at every step of your deals – we’ll show you how to squeeze as much profit out of every deal as possible
  • Learn how to invest in property safely and securely – in the wrong hands, and with the lack of knowledge property investing CAN be risky… we’ll show you how to reduce the risk and always have plenty of exit strategies
  • Strategies for earning a 6 figure income with property – once you’ve chose the right property strategies for you, we’ll show you how to scale to 6 figures and beyond in the fastest possible time
  • Stay up to date on the latest property techniques – our trainers are highly experienced experts in the field who are actively creating their own super-profitable deals – everything they learn is fed directly back to you
  • How to become Financially Free – creating income from property is one thing, we’ll also show you exactly how to use that income to create true financial freedom so you’ll never need to “work” again
  • Be part of a motivated community – get faster results by sharing your experience with others who are currently going through the program and create lasting friendships for life

Invest Like A Pro Also Includes…

The Property Action Clinic – This is a weekly call where you can get all your burning questions answered so that you’re fully supported and will never be stuck. We’ll also help analyse your deals to ensure you’re safe and secure while also maximising your profits at every step of the process.
Monthly 4-Part Case Studies – Each week you’ll be sent an update showcasing our property deals and how we’re using the latest insider tips and strategies so you can stay ahead of the curve.
Private Facebook Group – You will be part of a small community that will encourage, support and nurture one another. Imagine having people around you who really want you to succeed and are supportive of you!

Happy Clients

Written Testimonials

“Working with Belinda and her team has given me the confidence to do property deals. We’ve been looking to do property for years but did not know where or how to start and were scared of losing any money. We have now done 3 deals that have earned us over £80,000!”


Happy Clients

Written Testimonials

“If you want to learn about property this is the single best place you can come to learn about property! We’ve learnt so many different strategies, methods, how to partner with people, how to raise finance, how to source properties in a creative fashion and get deals that aren’t available elsewhere else. The speed in which you can generate wealth and be successful is amazing.”


“Oh my gosh! The support has been absolutely phenomenal. This is like one big family. You think you’re buying into a mentorship but you’re actually buying into the most incredibly knowledgeable people who are kind, caring and with you every step of the way”


Disclaimer: This Program Is NOT For Everyone

I’ve been personally using these skills and strategies for a long time, and I’ve successfully taught them to countless others.
I know without a doubt that this material really works… if you implement what you are learning.
That’s why I only want you to say “yes” to ‘Invest Like a Pro’ if you are truly committed.
If you’ve made an absolute decision to do whatever it takes to create a bigger life…
And If you decide to join the program from this place, you will absolutely see the results you want.
However, if you aren’t fully committed, then this program likely won’t work for you.
Even the best coaches and programs in the world are only as effective as you allow them to be.
We can only meet you halfway.
It’s up to YOU to apply what you’re learning to create your own success story.
If this sounds like you, and you want to fast track your journey to Time, Money and Freedom then you’re invited to apply for a limited position in the ‘Invest Like A Pro’ program.

Invest Like a Pro

Here’s What To Do Next…

After you’ve completed a short application questionnaire, we’ll contact you to set up a time for a brief consultation call to ensure there is a good fit for working with us.
IMPORTANT: because of the amount of personal time we put into this program, spaces are limited and are awarded on a first come first served basis.
Simply click the button below now to get the application process started.
However you decide to proceed, I hope you start taking action on creating your bigger life right now… and don’t leave it for “tomorrow” — because sadly that day rarely comes.
We can’t wait to see you in the group and we look forward to helping you towards financial freedom!

Live a Bigger Life