Raise a glass to your success!


freedommastermindersI feel like a truly inspired and incredibly proud women today! I’ve had an exceptionally busy 5 days mentoring my wonderful students and I’m so privileged to be part of their journey.  They are a constant reminder of why I decided to share my knowledge and strategies with others.

As I poured a glass of fizz last night  to relax,  I thought of all the incredible people I’ve previously mentored, relived their successes (and smiled like the cat that got the cream ☺) and wondered what they were doing now. Are they in their dream house? Are they reliving their journey? Are they planning their next deal?

Im truly blessed I have the honour of working with so many amazing, strong and independent women (and their partners).  Women who at some stage thought they could not do this. That they were not smart enough, thought it was too difficult, thought they were not able to succeed in what is thought off as a mans world.  However, they are creating freedom, often travel and are so much happier than in the day job. They have sacked The Boss for sure! You might read that statement and think its a little far-fetched but for me- theres no greater buzz! Im so excited about the next group of entrepreneurs I get to work with ☺ Well entrepreneurs in the making.

I remember having real soul baring conversations with women who thought they didnt have the inner strength to complete the Masterclass and seeing them complete their first deal brought a tear to my eye. Really- for anyone who knows me, know I cry at everything. I cant go anywhere without a pack of tissues in my handbag!

belindaraiseaglassTo all my current and previous students who are reading this- I salute you and have raised my glass for you tonight!  Love you all xxx


Live the Life you Love


belinda grashion


  1. Eniko

    Thank you, Belinda. Today is the second day of my 21 day program mentored by you and miracles did already happen. I’m continuing the way towards my financial freedom.

  2. Susan

    Looking forward to the event in London on Monday and starting on my journey too.


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