“Working with Belinda and her team has given me the confidence to do property deals. We’ve been looking to do property for years but did not know where or how to start and were scared of losing any money. We have now done 3 deals that have earned us over £80,000!”

– Sandish


“I honestly don’t know any other wealth mentor that is able to provide that level of detailed tailoring to what the client needs”


“I totally believe in Belinda and I completely relate to her. I’ve been researching lots of different mentors for a period of time now. I can relate to her in the sense that we are exactly in the same position from when she started out in property all those years ago. I’m a single mum with 2 children on my own and having seen what Belinda’s achieved I have total faith that she can help me achieve what she’s achieved. She’s an amazing lady.”


“I was blown away with the information and support and I made £15,000 only first deal”


“It was so great to meet Belinda today. It completely changed my understanding of property especially around finance. Belinda so clearly explained ways that you don’t need money to make money. It was really great!”


“If you want to learn about property this is the single best place you can come to learn about property! We’ve learnt so many different strategies, methods, how to partner with people, how to raise finance, how to source properties in a creative fashion and get deals that aren’t available elsewhere else. The speed in which you can generate wealth and be successful is amazing”


“I’ve made almost every serious life decision and change that I could over the last 12 months and I wouldn’t have done it at all without the support of the whole team behind me, encouraging me and asking me the right questions to try and guide me about what I needed. The support is absolutely phenomenal”


“Before working with Belinda I was considering selling my house. However, by using the strategies Belinda taught me, I went on to earn an additional £30,000. I have gone on to use this strategy to earn even more profits!”


“If you thinking of going to Belinda’s event, I’d definitely say you should absolutely go along. The vibe is really, really great, everyone’s so friendly and there’s so much to learn” 


“Here we are 12 months on making life changing money. I would pay what we paid 10 times over to learn what we’ve learnt over the last year, to have the skills and the expertise that we have. No matter where you are or what you’re thinking about, if you think it’s not for you or you’re scared witless about doing it… just take the leap and trust them. Trust them with everything you have because they will really change your life”


“The course has been absolutely fabulous and the team are amazing! They will challenge you, they will kick you up the bum, they will tell you what to do but in an amazing way. They change your mindset, they change everything and it’s been completely inspirational so I’d definitely recommend it.”


“I honestly don’t know any other wealth mentor that is able to provide that level of detailed tailoring to what the client needs” 


“It’s a no brainer! It’s definitely worth your time and your money- it’s such a small investment and the knowledge you get back in return is priceless!” 

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