a5a4c_business_woman_walking_hamster_wheel_hg_whtDo you ever wake up and think:  “There has to be more to life than THIS.”

Or do you feel like you’re running as fast as you can but aren’t going anywhere?

Or have you ever thought that you’re just working so you can pay your employees?

Whether you earn £20k per year or £200k per year, I’m here to tell you… You’re not alone!

I often felt like this when I had to work an unhealthy amount of hours to put food on the table and a roof over my families head. When I made the decision to change my life, my aim was to make an additional £50 per month! Stepping off the ‘hamster wheel’ is one of the most daunting things I have ever done… but the most rewarding.

Fear could be the main emotion that’s preventing you from making that change… but fear can be turned into excitement.

Is it YOUR time to get off the wheel?

Here are my top tips to get off and stay off the hamster wheel:

  • ONE — learn it’s all a routine: For me this is the most important and first step in getting off the wheel. You need to recognise what the hamster wheel is and what it represents- ROUTINE! It’s a pattern of behaviour that you are in control of. Life may try to force or push you into a routine but it’s up to you to break the cycle. Just think about when you have to make a change, like when you go on holiday. Your mind shift changes and you have to create and follow a new pattern. Once you acknowledge that it’s a routine you’re stuck in – and that you have control over that routine – you can move to the next step.
  • TWO — make the commitment: OK, so you’ve realised that you’re in a routine and you need to break the chain. You need to have a clear sight and vision about what you want to change and most importantly, WHY? This will help you commit to getting off the wheel. Remember… You are in control of your future and destiny!  As we are visual creatures I promote creating a vision board. Find images that resonate with you and create a collage. You may choose to simply write it down. Whichever way works for you, you need to channel your time and energy into reaching your goal. Focus and think how you can make this possible.
  • blockageTHREE — Remove ANY blockage: Just about every case of getting stuck on the hamster wheel involves fear. One of the main reasons for this is you may have devoted years of your life training in your field to build a career.However, you then realise you’re not passionate about your work. Or that you need to get off the hamster wheel to build your idea of financial freedom. It can be a HUGE challenge to face your fear and walk away from your current career.  You may feel like ‘you’ve wasted time’ training for a career which you are ready to change at the drop of a hat but remember ‘The only thing that’s wasteful is denying what you really want.’ This fits in beautifully with my next step.
  • FOUR — your life, your terms: Living your life on your terms starts with being true to yourself.  Regardless of your current income, if you have a dream and vision, you need reach out and get it.  The key is taking the risk to step out of your comfort zone. You can plan to take the risk, but without actually making the change, your life and income won’t change. There’s no greater feeling than challenging yourself and continually raising your own success bar!
  • ptFIVE — Perfect timing: Think about how long it took for you be set in your routine and stuck on the hamster wheel. It’s going to take time to change your routine and replace it with one that’s not only new and improved, but that will change your life for the better! Only you can decide when you’ve had enough of getting nowhere. Only you can decide when it’s time to take the risk of stepping off and removing your blockages.


I have mentored women and their partners who have made the commitment and have stepped off the hamster wheel for years. They’ve made a new life with more time and a much greater income from their assets that we have put in place. They are using some of that time to travel, spend with family, give back to their local community or just to be still and breathe.

If you are at the point in your life where you are ready to make the change and see property as the vehicle to take you to your financial freedom… why not come along to my ONLY UK event this year.

Further details can be found here:


If you think property isn’t for you or you can’t do it, think again… I never thought I could do property but it changed my life! If you want change your life now, this is an event you must attend. Financial Freedom is closer than you think. See you there!

Live the Life you love



  1. Karen

    A great article Belinda! I stepped off my hamster wheel in April and am in the process of setting up my own stress management consultancy for Executives. Fear is definitely my biggest hurdle to overcome followed by reaching those higher success bars I’m setting myself. After years of being in a ‘comfortable’ 9-5 I’m not used to them being so high but I recognise the process of being stretched, and then growing as a result, is a healthy one. I’m coming along to your event on the 21st because I’m also interested in property and think you’re an inspiration to women and clear evidence we can live lives of freedom and abundance if we so choose. I look forward to meeting you.

  2. Jill

    Great post Belinda, I stepped off the wheel a few years back now after feeling that there was something more to life and that I could have more to offer. Yes it was scary, yes I had setbacks and yes I had doubts about my abilities to succeed and be of useful service to this world BUT I did it and love my life and business. I love the freedom to make choices and I want to make another set of changes so I have booked on your property course. I am really looking forward to meeting you and learning more about how I can work with property and continue to create this lovely life.

  3. Jen

    Hi Karen and Jill!
    Jen here from Team BG!
    Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us. 🙂 I absolutely love reading comments like this. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling!
    And the great news is you’re both booked onto the Real People, Real Wealth event in London so you’ll have to keep an eye out for each other! 🙂
    Really looking forward to meeting you both,
    Jen x


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