WOW! It’s so cold! I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this cold weather. Brrr…


Having said that, I’m so pleased to be back in the UK as I have the most amazing days planned!

Not only do I get to mentor and see my incredible students on the Elite Mastermind Programme, but I also get to kick start my brand new, life changing Freedom Mastermind Programme! I also have an exciting interview with Your Property Network and have some lovely days planned with my gorgeous family. Phew… I’ll be ready for heading back to the peace and tranquility following a busy few weeks!

On my flight back over to the UK I started to think about all of the people who will be on their property journey at the end of the month, and what an incredible year it’s going to be! I also started to think about all of the people that want to start their journey but for whatever reason, they haven’t taken the leap of faith.

I then suddenly remembered, I recently answered a question that I think most people can relate to. Sophia asked ‘What piece of advice would you recommend to a beginner who hasn’t previously invested in property? And what a great question this is. So much so, I decided to film a short response:



I really hope this helps and answers some of your questions. If you’re kicking yourself and wish you could join my fabulous property network, don’t worry you still have time! More information about my 12 month mentoring programme can be found here:


If you have decided that today is the day that you make an Absolute Decision and you’d like to speak to one of my amazing team, simply complete the online form HERE

I hope to join you on your property journey!

Live the Life to Love,

Belinda xx